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Best Ice Cream Drawing Kids | Ice Cream Drawing Kids Tutorial

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Drawing Kids are many ways to illustrate ice cream, just as there are many different flavours. If you’ve never drawn ice cream, a good place to start is with the basic cone and bowl. The portrayal of ice cream in the Drawing Kids post will be broken down into simple forms, making it easy to draw it any way you choose. You can swiftly draw your favourite flavour, whether it be chocolate, vanilla, or mint chocolate chip.

Material Necessary:

  • You are assembling the supplies for a drawing of an ice cream cone on paper. This tasty product is offered at a reduced price and in huge quantities.
  • Pencils: I like how this particular brand consistently produces superb black lines.
  • Black permanent marker: You can use a permanent marker to achieve a rich black tone.
  • Crayons: The larger pack’s additional colour selections are great.

Easy Ice Cream Drawing for Children


  • The ice cream scoop is shaped like a circle, but the cone’s base is like a triangle (the sugar cone). Consider the triangle as having a circle on top to make things simpler.


  • Construct a cone. Draw the cone’s sides as symmetrically as possible, beginning at the top with a little ellipse.


  • After building your cone, add the waffle texture by sketching diagonal lines first in one direction and then the other.


  • Draw your circle on top of the cone like a ball in step 4. Put the cloud-like object where the cone and ice cream scoop meet.
    To enhance the ice cream effect, draw a drip of the ice cream melting down the cone.


  • Begin with a basic bowl form. Draw the ellipse much wider than the cone was at the beginning. Draw a remarkably thin line through the ellipse’s middle.
  • Finish the bowl by drawing lines in a curving manner toward the point, as symmetrical as feasible.


  • Slowly lower the scoops into the dish for placement. You may prepare as many scoops as you like.


  • Now that the circles have been filled in, you can add the finishing touches, such as a spoon, chocolate syrup (to give it the same drippy appearance as the cone), and cherries on top, if you prefer.

Ice cream cone drawing instructions

A typical first drawing assignment for children is an ice cream cone with a simple triangle and stacked circles on top. It is undoubtedly a good place to start when they are just trying to figure out how to make a pencil do what they want. So, perfecting fundamental shapes is the goal.

Some people, though, could eventually be willing to depict something a little more accurate. And maybe a bit more appetising in appearance? Especially if they like soft ice cream. In place of the conventional waffle cone with hard scoops on top, they can design a standing cone with a gentle swirl and curled tip. Once they have the shape down, there are no limitations on the colour (and flavour) combinations that may be added.

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