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Five essential factors of local positioning you should know

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Local positioning is a unique SEO technique which focuses on getting your local business noticed in the local search results by customers from a particular area, region or city. The benefit from Local SEO efforts will be better visibility of your business listing in the local searches of the search engine and reaching more potential customers.

How does local SEO work?

Local positioning is essential, and it works by having Google match results to users. They consider what the customer is looking for, what location they are in, or where they are looking for a product. 

Following are the essential factors of local positioning you should know-

  1. The proximity of your business

A key local SEO ranking factor is the proximity of your business to the address of the searcher who happens to enter the query. If someone is seeking the services your company offers and conducting this search nearby, there is a massive likelihood that you will end up showing in the top search results. Search engines also understand the added value of convenience for a customer when making a proper decision-making process.

Google is the search engine which lists distance as one of the significant core ranking factors in local SEO resources.

What is audit proximity?

The proximity audit is a process which helps to score local ranking potential, and by understanding the proximity’s impact, you will be able to develop more informed marketing strategies. It is crucial to consider proximity across the marketing industry as it is a local ranking factor. The first step in proximity audit is gathering all of the information related to proximity, and all of the following displays how much proximity could either inhibit or enable growth-

  • The population of the target location.
  • GBP Location.
  • Distance between verified location and target location.
  • Number of backlinks for a linked page.
  1. NAP Citations

Nap consistency is a significant part of Google’s local search and the local pack algorithms. Building citations with a consistent NAP on your Google Business Profile listing can influence your local rankings.

NAP stands for the name, address and the phone number. This information is very crucial for potential customers and search engines. Google will use this information to ascertain the proximity details to include in rankings. You should ensure that your NAP Citations are consistent everywhere you are online. 

Many types of citations rank websites at the top of the search engine results and relegate others to the second page. For the search results that return local business results, citations are the most important signals to the search engines.  

Many people avail of the services of SEO Gold Coast which is a digital marketing agency that provides different types of SEO services to its clients.

  1. Presence of Google My Business Listing

You should try to optimize the presence of Google My Business listing as it is a very impactful way to increase the online visibility. The search engine algorithms use the signals in the GMB listings such as the proximity, business categories and the contact information for knowing more about you and your business.

Searchers often tend to look out for a business close to their geographical location. 

Following are some main benefits of Google My Business-

  • It allows you to appear in maps and Google local pack listings.

Google local pack is an SERP which displays the placed related to your search and it also includes a bunch of several other relevant information that any potential customer might want an access to. GMB is the biggest determining factor of the Google local pack and if you are aiming to connect to your target audience, you should verify, update and optimize your online information.

  • GMB also provides insights that give you helpful information.

It not only promotes your product or services, it also helps you understand the market very well. It comes with many powerful features that provide insights on important areas to assist you in creating strategies and making important decisions.

  1. Amount of positive online reviews and ratings

Online reviews are becoming a top local ranking factor these days. All the positive online reviews build trust and confidence in your business. When any customer feels they had a good experience with your business or your services and they share that good experience in a review, the potential customers gain confidence in doing business with you.

The more positive reviews you tend to have, the more Google will notice it and boost your SEO rankings.

You can also devise a strategy to increase the total number of reviews for your business. You should also start by encouraging your current customers to add reviews.

How do reviews help SEO?

  • Reviews matter to the potential customers.

An important stage in the buyer journey is researching the reputation of a product. Consumers also have access to thousands of retailers out there. Positive reviews played the most important role during the buyer journey. There are a contributing factor to a purchasing decision. 

  • Reviews affect CTR.

All the positive reviews can help you improve the organic search click-through rates and also improves the organic search visibility. Positive reviews and optimizing reviews are more likely to appear in the search results and make the search result more visible.

  1. Content that provides valuable and unique insights

The content which provides valuable and unique insights benefits your local ranking in the local search results. Google is the type of search engine which values quality content, and when the content also includes unique insights missing from most other websites, you can increase your position in the rankings as more people will be engaging with your content.

You should create the content relatable to your local community. 

Great content is an important asset and it also has the ability to create positive experiences for your customers.

Following are the essential ways for providing valuable content-

  • Target your audience’s needs.

This is the very first step to creating an effective content marketing strategy is being clear on the challenges of the audience.

  • Be authentic.
  • Stay consistent.
  • Test and retest.

             These are some ways of creating valuable content.

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