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How to Update Arlo Camera Firmware

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Arlo releases new firmware updates for its Arlo security camera occasionally. These firmware updates (if performed) on a regular basis are known to improve the camera’s performance and fix bugs that users face while operating it. The same thing we suggest to you as well.. Wondering how to do that? Wonder no more because you are on the right Arlo camera support guide. Over here, we will provide you step-by-step instructions that will help you perform Arlo camera firmware update in the blink of an eye. Let’s start over!

What’s included in this Post?

  • Instructions to update Arlo security camera firmware

  • Fixes, if you are unable to perform Arlo camera firmware update

Arlo Camera Firmware Update Instructions

The instructions outlined underneath will help you update the firmware of your Arlo security camera. But, ensure that the battery of your Arlo camera is fully charged. Otherwise, you will experience the Arlo camera firmware update failed error.

  • First things first, you have to download and install the Arlo setup app on your smartphone. Ensure to update the software of your smartphone prior to putting it into use.

  • Once you are done, use the correct Arlo security camera login details to log in to the app.

  • After entering the details correctly into the required fields, tap on the hamburger button to get redirected to the Settings page of your Arlo app.

  • Now that you are on the Arlo security camera’s Settings page, here you have to select My Device and select your camera from the list available.

  • Tap one Device info > Firmware > Update.

  • Let the firmware of your Arlo device get finished. The process may take a longer time to finish. So, we suggest you – do not interrupt the Arlo firmware update process.

That’s it! In this manner, you can update the firmware of your Arlo security camera.

Note: When the Arlo firmware update process is in progress, the light on your Arlo device will blink in amber and blue color. Soon after the successful completion of the firmware update process, your Arlo security camera will be synced with your base station and start flashing a solid blue color rapidly. On the other hand, if you have an Arlo Q Plus and Arlo Go 2 camera, the lights on it will turn off once the firmware update process gets completed.

Unable to Update Arlo Security Camera?

Updating Arlo security camera firmware is not rocket science, however, many users experience many big issues while performing the same. If you are also among them, then given below are some fixes that will help you complete the Arlo firmware update process with ease. Keep reading!

The first fix: Ensure that you have used the valid Arlo security camera login details to access the app.

The second fix: Make sure that your smartphone is charged fully prior to initiating the process.

The third fix: Be certain that the camera of the battery is not removed while the firmware update process is going on.

The fourth fix: You are not supposed to go online, turn off your Arlo camera, or exit from the app while you are doing the firmware update process.

The fifth fix: Your Arlo security camera must be accessing high-speed internet connection to perform the firmware update process.

The sixth fix: If the firmware update process takes time, do not turn off or restart your smartphone.

The seventh fix: In the event that you are getting issues while updating the firmware of your Arlo camera via the app, do it using

The eighth fix: Your Arlo camera must be connected to your existing router wirelessly. Apart from this, your devices (Arlo and router) must not be placed away from each other.

The ninth fix: Don’t forget to link your Arlo camera with the app.

Last, but not least, make sure that your smartphone in which you are using the Arlo setup app for the firmware update process is using an updated software version.

To Conclude

Updating the firmware of your Arlo security camera ensures to enhance its performance and take its security to the next level. Just update the firmware of your Arlo device and experience the change yourself. Anticipating that you have come to know the importance of updating Arlo’s firmware.

On the other hand, we will expect that you will not ignore the firmware updates notifications. Now, we are going to put this Arlo camera support guide to an end. So, will you like to share your reviews with your fellow readers – whether this guide proved helpful to you or not?

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