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Nextbox AC1200 Extender Light Amber? Let’s Fix This For You!

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Nextbox AC1200 extender is one of the finest options for those users who want to enjoy seamless internet access in every nook and cranny of their house. Although the range extenders offered by “Nextbox” are high-performing, a few are witnessed to cause various issues. And, one of the most common yet major issues that is commonly seen these days is Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber”.

If you are also sailing on the same boat, then we have a rescue plan for you. In this post, we have enlisted various tips that will help to fix “Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber” issue in the blink of an eye. Thus, without much delay, give these tips a try and make your Nextbox AC1200 extender up and running in minutes. Read on!

Fixed: Nextbox AC1200 Extender Light Amber

Reboot Your Nextbox AC1200

Your Nextbox WiFi range extender may act weird showing amber light because of the technical glitches. To do away with the technical-related issue, you must reboot your Nextbox AC1200 extender.

To initiate the process, follow the guidelines given below:

  • Pull out the power adapter of your Nextbox WiFi extender from its electrical outlet.

  • Then, disconnect the Nextbox extender from your host router.

  • Wait for a couple of seconds and then, plug back the extender’s power adapter again into its respective wall outlet and see if “Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber” issue is fixed or not.

Coordinate with Your Service Provider

The amber light issue with your Nextbox WiFi extender could also be from the end of your ISP. In that case, we suggest you coordinate with your ISP and request him to fix the slow internet-related issue for you. If you think that nothing is wrong from the end of your internet service provider, try the next tip in our post.

Update Nextbox AC1200 Firmware

Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber” issue could also appear if the firmware version on it has become outdated. Thus, it is suggested to visit the firmware update page of your Nextbox WiFi extender using the default AC1200 login credentials and follow the on-screen instructions. We recommend you refer to the Nextbox WiFi extender manual to get default AC1200 login credentials.

Relocate Nextbox AC1200 Extender

90 percent of users might encounter with “Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber” issue if their device (the extender) is placed at a bad location and away from your host router. Hence, to get the issue fixed, consider relocating your Nextbox WiFi extender. Place the extender on a higher and open location, and near your host router. Additionally, we also suggest you place the extender away from baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, gaming consoles, play stations, etc.

After relocating your Nextbox extender, see if you are able to troubleshoot “Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber” issue or not. On the off chance, the issue remains the same, don’t delay much to try the next hack highlighted below.

Perform Nextbox AC1200 Factory Reset

You may struggle with “Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber” issue if you haven’t performed Nextbox setup process correctly. Need not worry! We have got your back! In such a situation, we suggest you take your Nextbox AC1200 extender back to factory default values.

Although the Nextbox WiFi extender reset process is not rocket science, some users find it a daunting task. If you still think the reset process is a hard nut to crack, then know that we are here are to assist you. Follow the instructions highlighted below and know how to reset your Nextbox WiFi extender at hand.

  • First of all, disconnect your Nextbox WiFi extender from your host router.

  • Thereafter, locate the Nextbox extender’s reset hole, hold it, and wait for a few minutes.

And, there you are! Your Nextbox WiFi extender is reset successfully. Now, perform Nextbox setup process from the scratch. Wondering how to set up Nextbox WiFi extender? Wonder no more! Here, we will provide you with the simplest way to perform Nextbox setup via WPS method.

  • Plug in your Nextbox WiFi extender closer to your host router.

  • Provide your devices a steady and continuous power.

  • Thereafter, locate and press the Nextbox AC1200 WPS button and then, apply the same process on your host router.

Thus, your Nextbox WiFi extender is reconfigured using the WPS method.

We hope that after performing Nextbox setup, the “Nextbox AC1200 extender light amber” issue is resolved already.

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