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Rocketlane vs Easy Projects Software: Everything You Must Know!

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Users are captivated by a showdown between two promising underrated project management (PM) products, Rocketlane vs Easy Projects Software. Both are made to aid in managing projects and groups, which is useful for businesses and people. Experts in different kinds of project management software have taken notice of these two PM systems because of their upgraded features and tools. However, customers often need clarification on which service can be trusted.

Here, we pit Rocketlane vs Easy Projects Software to assist you in deciding which solution is ideal for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Rocketlane Software and Easy Projects Software.

Rocketlane Software:

Designed to speed up and simplify software installation initiatives, Rocketlane Software is a client onboarding platform. Rocketlane is a single workspace for managing projects, documentation collaboration, and communication that facilitates teamwork with clients, achievement of project goals, reduction of time-to-value, and provision of a satisfactory experience.

Rocketlane Software allows you to wow your clients, keep them accountable along the way, build elaborate recordbooks that can be used again and again, monitor your onboarding projects and client feedback whenever you like, and boost the efficiency of your implementation teams.

Its centralized workplace makes it easier for everyone involved to interact with clients and complete projects in a consistent, open, and satisfying way. Rocketlane enables businesses to finish projects with an emphasis on excellent customer-centric experiences to guarantee a quicker time-to-value for clients. As a bonus, Rocketlane Software streamlines your operations by automating mundane chores and seeing trends across projects that may be used to inform your overall approach to execution. Project management, real-time document sharing, and seamless communication are all rolled into one seamless experience.

Easy Projects Software:

Award-winning Easy Projects Software is a cloud-based platform for highly collaborative management that helps businesses of all sizes improve their operations in measurable ways. Easy Projects’ flexible dashboard can be tailored to the individual needs of every team, whether they’re located in the same office or across the world, allowing them to be more productive and efficient.

No matter how big or small, all projects can benefit from the specialized features included in Easy Projects Software. When teams know who has the availability to take on additional responsibilities, they are better able to manage resources, set priorities, and maximize output. The system’s security, reporting, and workflow capabilities make it a good fit for medium-sized enterprises and project teams.

Easy Projects Software also offers accounting features designed specifically for freelancers and small businesses. The ability to keep track of and bill for expenses helps avoid nasty surprises. Time monitoring allows employees to more precisely record their activities on the timesheet while allowing supervisors to examine billed time.

Rocketlane vs Easy Projects Software Perks:

Perks of Rocketlane Software:

  • In the first place, the customer portal gives clients complete access to their personal portal, where they can view all the information they need. With its engaging introduction video that plays at the initial launch, Rocketlane Software delivers a fantastic first impression. A built-in system records key events and provides feedback to help businesses enhance their services.
  • Moreover, users can make patterns for using them whenever needed. Customers can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with the help of comments in the shared workspace. Rocketlane allows you to keep several versions of documents in internal and shared places. Viewers of the Rocketlane demo can see all the available templates that can be used to implement processes in a matter of minutes.
  • With Rocketlane Software and its project overview dashboard, you can keep tabs on your team’s progress toward goals and the satisfaction of your clients who have completed their tasks and still have work to do. Information about the project’s schedule, delays, phase completion, and any deviations from the original plan can be accessed in this way. It can help you figure out any sort of project slippage or hazards, and teams might investigate the specifics of at-risk tasks, causes limiting project status, and delayed milestones

Perks of Easy Projects Software:

  • With its module, Easy Projects Software may assist in streamlining the approval process by ensuring all necessary information is present before sending the request for approval. All requests may be easily tracked and retrieved thanks to a standardized format and central repository. Users can control and locate requests for projects using these request forms.
  • The financial module of Easy Projects Software provides users with a clear and precise picture of project finances. It monitors the financial health of a project and flags any potential threats so that users can keep an eye on costs, income, and ROI in real-time.
  • Through Easy Projects Software, users can securely set timelines that are both achievable and in accordance with customer expectations. Find out what funding options are open for innovative new tools.
  • To keep projects from going over budget or falling behind schedule, users of Easy Projects Software can access real-time data in the activity center, where they can examine dynamic Gantt charts and Kanban panel views.

Rocketlane vs Easy Projects Software Pricing:

Rocketlane Pricing:

Pricing for Rocketlane begins at $19 per staff member each month on an annual plan. The Enterprise package is for you if you require a more robust solution for onboarding customers. Also, a Rocketlane demo can be requested. Customers can try out a free trial for 14 days.

Easy Projects Pricing:

Easy Projects pricing plans begin at $24/month per user. Discounts are available for longer contracts and larger quantities. Anyone interested in purchasing can try out Easy Projects for its free trial. Or, if you want a quick overview, you can request an Easy Projects demo.

Bottom Line:

Rocketlane Software and Easy Projects Software have earned market reputation and customers’ trust equally. However, as experts advise, the needs and requirements of each project team vary. So, figure out the most crucial needs you would like a PM solution to meet. And if one of these PM solutions, Rocketlane vs Easy Projects Software, complies with your specific needs, that’s the right call for you. For further assistance, you can contact market experts and software consultants, such as Software Finder.

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