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Why Am I Getting Netgear EX6120 Installation Error

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To get an extended network, installing a WiFi range extender has become a common resort. But many Netgear users get stuck with the initial installation or the setup process of their extenders. If you are also standing in the same queue and are unable to get through the Netgear extender setup, then follow the troubleshooting process provided here in this article. You will find the topmost solutions to fix Netgear EX6120 installation errors. Please know that you can use the same process to fix the setup issues with any Netgear extender model.

Netgear EX6120 Installation Issue [Reasons, Solutions]

Reason 1: Poor Power Supply

Solution: To smoothly get through the setup process, your Netgear WiFi extender EX6120 must be connected to a stable power source.  If you are getting errors while completing the setup process, then you need to check the power socket into which the extender is plugged. If it is damaged then unplug the extender from this socket and find another available active socket and plug the extender into that. Using a UPS is recommended if your area suffers a lot of power outages.

Reason 2: Unstable Internet

Solution: Your Netgear WiFi extender should be receiving a stable internet connection. For this, you need to contact your ISP to verify if there is an issue going on with the internet supply. Let him resolve the issue before you proceed with setting up your Netgear extender.

Reason 3: Extender Not Connected to Router Properly

Solution: The Netgear extender needs to be connected to the host router so that it can extend the signal further. If the connection between the router and the extender is not solid, then you won’t complete the installation process. To make sure that the devices are connected properly, we suggest you use an Ethernet cable to connect them. But check that the cable is not damaged, and ensure that the cable is connecting the devices firmly.

Reason 4: Using Incorrect Login Details

Solution: You ought to access the Netgear login page to accomplish the EX6120 setup process. For this, you need to use the login web address. If you are putting an incorrect web address in the address bar of the browser, then you will get setup error. Thus, double-check the web address mywifiext.net after typing it into the address bar. Also, refrain from typing the address into the search bar of the browser.

Apart from the login web address, make no typing errors while typing the login username and the password into their respective fields on the login page. If you have never changed the login credentials, then use the default admin credentials.

Reason 5: Outdated Web Browser

Solution: In the event, you are using a web browser that is not updated for a long time, then the older version of the browser maybe the preventing you from getting through the process smoothly. Get the browser updated right away or use another updated browser to log in to the Netgear login page to set up the extender.

Reason 6: Technical Glitches

Solution: There is no specific reason why it happens but the technical gadgets often get stuck with some temporary technical glitches. To get them fixed, you can try rebooting the device. In case these glitches are the reason behind you getting installation errors, then reboot your Netgear EX6120 extender immediately. Turn the power button on the extender to the Off position and unplug it from the wall socket. Wait for some time and then plug the extender back into the wall socket and turn on the power button.

In A Nutshell

Once the extender is powered up, access the mywifiext.net setup page and set up your Netgear WiFi range extender EX6120 and begin enjoying its WiFi.

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